(1)  „…are civilized men of considerable education and culture. When faced with being inadvertently marooned on a desert island they understood immediately that the first thing to do was place the blame”

(2) „…don’t believe in gods. They didn’t deny their existence, of course. They just didn’t believe. It was nothing personal; they weren’t actually rude about it. Gods were a visible part of narrativium that made things work, that gave the world its purpose. It was just that they were best avoided close up.”

(3) „…are thin, gangling, pale from reading disturbing books in unhealthy rooms”

(4) „…are martyrs to things like asthma and flat feet; it somehow seems to give them their drive.”

(5) „…talk about candles, circles, planets, stars, bananas, chants, runes and the importance of having at least four good meals every day”

Terry Pratchett

“Do you know how wizards like to be buried?”
„Well, how?”
Granny Weatherwax paused at the bottom of the stairs.

Terry Pratchett